1. The composer of an original song about Florida . If you have used lyrics written by someone else, you must obtain written permission of the copyright holder of those lyrics.
  2. The writer of original song lyrics or poetry about Florida who has had them set to music. The lyricist must obtain written permission from the copyright holder of the music.
  3. Any citizen of the State of Florida . Those who nominate a song not written by them must obtain written permission of the copyright holder of the song. Nominations will not be considered without written permission from the copyright holder of the music and lyrics. 

Song Requirements:

All song submissions should meet the following broad criteria:

  1. Approximately 3 minutes in length
  2. A vocal range that does not exceed a ninth
    (1 octave + Major 2nd)
  3. Suitable for group singing, as well as for a soloist
  4. Lyrics appropriate for a state song that are inclusive for all and exclusive to none
  5. Must be written down in music notation. (A lead sheet containing the melodic line, lyrics, and chords is minimal.)

General Submission Requirements:

A completed application for nomination will include the following:

  1. One original song with original lyrics (each application may only contain one song)
  2. Written letter(s) of permission from the copyright holder of the music and/or lyrics or your own signature on the application as the composer and lyricist.
  3. Contact information of the composer or lyricist (if you are nominating a song that is not your own)
  4. Seven (7) printed copies of the song on sheet music. ( See Item 5 of “Song Requirements”)
  5. Seven (7) copies of a CD with a performance of the song (no mp3 or data CDs)
  6. Applications must be postmarked by October 1, 2007.
  7. Applications postmarked late or incomplete submissions will not be considered for this contest 

Procedural Information

  1. The Florida Music Educators' Association (FMEA) will convene a 7-member panel for the purpose of
    reviewing and scoring submissions.
  2. Each panelist will assign each submission with a score based on the song requirements as stated above.
  3. The scoring procedure will drop the high and low score from individual panelists and average the remaining
    five panel scores to arrive at a composite score.
  4. Songs will be ranked by their composite scores and the top three songs will be publicly announced.
  5. All song submissions and scores will be confidential.
  6. The top three song applicants will be notified in advance of any public announcement of the final songs.
  7. Final song announcements will be made in December 2007.